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BRIDAL: Weddings Invitations

Choosing your wedding invitations is one of the hardest decisions to make when planning your big day. You need a bridal stationery professional that can answer all of your questions – not some faceless on-line card shop. Let Sugar Press take the stress out of creating your perfect wedding invitation by choosing from our wide selection of prestigious designers and suppliers of wedding stationery that break the mold when it comes to announcing your big day. Sugar Press can make your wedding stationery as personalized as you are. You'll always find the best designs for a wide range of personalities that will fit your style and personalize the most important day of your life. We carry Crane & Co., William Arthur, Wiley Valentine, Encore, Checkerboard, Envelopments and more. Contact us today to schedule a personal, one on one consultation with one of our many wedding stationery experts. We're here and ready to help!

Bridal Showers & Bachelorette Party

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride?
You play an important underrated role in this wedding…throwing the fun parties! From bridal showers to the not-to-be-missed bachelorette party we can help you find the right invitation to suite your need and the bride's personality!


Design for Nate Berkus

Celebrity wedding invitation

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that besides professional service, quality and a great selection, you get 15% off Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party Invitations for these celebrations that are in your honor!